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The objectives of the Hong Kong Water Sports Council include:

  1. To promote the development of water sports in Hong Kong.

  2. To promote the provision of facilities for water sports.

  3. To promote cooperation between water sports organizations in pursuit of these objects.

  4. To promote participation in water sports for whatever purposes including, but not limited to, recreation, health and competition.

  5. To promote the formation of member owned and controlled water-sport clubs as either single water-sport clubs, or multi-water-sport clubs, affiliated to the relevant governing bodies of each water sport.

  6. To promote the control and management of water sport clubs by members of such clubs acting in their voluntary capacities in a spirit of cooperation and desire to serve the community in pursuit of these objects.

  7. To manage or participate in the management of water sport centres.


The HKWSC has no authority over the individual sports of its members – that authority remains wholly with the governing body of each sport. However, HKWSC does coordinate and organize water sports events comprising multiple sports of its members

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